"Ghoulmaster" is a registered trademark of Pete Carter Productions


Ghoulmaster is an extremely rare Halloween character to encounter in person. He is mostly only talked about in myths and fables. Those who have gotten the chance to have their photo taken with the actual Ghoulmaster have reported experiencing paranormal and life changing events. Ghoulmaster is known to create euphoric emissions. Do not look Ghoulmaster directly in the eye for longer than 4 seconds at a time.  Ghoulmaster is his own thing.

Official Ghoulmaster Merchandise


July 28                  Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival                Long Beach, CA

July 28                  Midsummer Scream Halloween Festival                Long Beach, CA

August 18              MonsterMania Convention                                    Cherry Hill, NJ

September 14         Monsterpalooza                                                  Burbank, CA

October 6              Asbury Zombie Walk                                            Asbury Park, NJ

October 27             Convention Hell                                                   Asbury Park, NJ

October 31             The Saint                                                            Asbury Park, NJ