Throughout the years and through everything that I have done as Ghoulmaster- my message has always remained the same. Life is short. You have to to live your life for YOU. If you are unhappy with yourself or with a situation that you are in- you have the power to change it. Don't let other peoples opinions or negativity ruin your shine. Create something beautiful to leave behind on this Earth. Something that will exist long after you are gone. After October 31st of this year- Ghoulmaster will be laid to rest. Everything must evolve- and when I start to feel trapped in a box- I get out. It is a bizarre thing to tell people to "just be yourself" while being called Ghoulmaster. It is tough to speak my mind and speak from my heart when being called Ghoulmaster. It is tough to express my love for things that are not horror/Halloween related while being called Ghoulmaster. I know that I can't please everyone- and some people will not like my decision to end this decade long journey- but I am confident that the people who truly love me will understand. My oldest childhood friends know me as petey carter. and soon the world will as well-------> 

So I packed up my life and moved to Los Angeles. My best friend Chuck and I spent an entire year putting together "Ghoulmaster's Haunted Playhouse" which opened in Hollywood in October 2015.

I walked on stage each night in complete awe and amazement that this was all really happening. I will never forget waking up with a house full of my closest friends- reading reviews from what we had just done the night before. Fans flew in from across the country to come experience the insanity. Here are some clips from the show:


Saturday October 1, 2016

          Growing up, I was the quiet weird kid that went to dance school and idolized Michael Jackson. I seemed to have interests, and make choices, that weren't exactly popular or normal with anyone my age. Guys didn't understand me- and I think there were only a few girls who at least pretended to understand me. I tried SO hard to blend in and dress "normal" throughout my school years. In my mind, if I kept my mouth shut- and wore the plainest clothes possible- I will be invisible- and at that point in my life, that's what I wanted. If nobody noticed me, then they couldn't make fun of me. I was happiest when I was alone. By myself in my own little word. Dressing up, dancing, playing with make up, transforming myself, and following Michael Jackson around the country. Studying the people that made my heart feel something. Dissecting the world around me, trying to figure out where exactly I belong. Words hurt back then. Unfortunately, we are all trained to be affected negatively by certain words. Isn't that crazy? We hear a sound come out of another humans mouth and it can ruin your world. A boy being called a "faggot" can destroy his self image. A girl being called "fat" can cause irreversible damage. If someone hears certain words enough- it can make them not want to live anymore. I came to conclusion that if I wanted to survive this world, I needed to own my weirdness. I needed to completely stop caring about anyone else's criticisms. I have always been a fan of people who take things to the extreme. Push the envelope to a level that makes people uncomfortable yet intrigued. Ten years ago, I created an alter ego named "Ghoulmaster". It was just something that allowed me to express myself in a way that I never imagined being comfortable enough to do as "Pete Carter". I combined everything that I loved, and everything that I have learned so far in life to make myself into an eccentric, androgynous, over dramatic art project. It was something I dove into full force- but had no real expectations. Then Six Flags Great Adventure gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to present Ghoumaster to the public. The reactions that I got from people were unreal. The Myspace messages that I started receiving were overwhelming. I created a stage show around the character called "Ghoulmaster's Ghosts" and it ran for six seasons. Through this experience, I got to meet some of the most incredible people in my life. People who I consider family to this day. Something that I dreamt up was touching people emotionally- and it gave me a true feeling of purpose like I had never felt before.      

Pete Carter announces the retirement of iconic Ghoulmaster character.

"Something that I dreamt up was touching people emotionally- and it gave me a true feeling of purpose like I had never felt before."  

I decided to take another dive into the unknown- and I created a Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 to produce an original Ghoulmaster show in Los Angeles. It was a long shot- but I sat in front of a camera and explained to the world what I wanted to do. Kickstarter chose my campaign to be one of their featured projects and I raised over $30,000 to make the show happen! 

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