Were you expecting to be chosen for C.U.L.T. 319 - and you got nothing in the mail?

Do you feel left out and confused about why you weren't chosen?

When C.U.L.T. 319 started, I had a vague idea of what I wanted it to be. I knew I wanted to assemble a crew of artistic and creative trusted people to create...something. From March to July of this year, I went away to live in the deserts of Nevada. I wanted to isolate myself completely. I had this urge to build an army of artists and minds- but I was lost about what we were going to build together, where, how, and why. I got frustrated with myself and decided to never send about 200 envelopes. I asked the universe some tough questions. Looked her right in the eye. An answer was given to me. A once in a lifetime opportunity. I now know why I was building an army- and I will be sending out the rest of those envelopes on December 1.  I apologize to anyone who felt forgotten or left out during my ongoing mental breakdown. I love you and thank you for your understanding and continued support through out the years.


To those who have received a black envelope: Peek under the Gold Seal sticker on your official certificate.

Send me a picture of what you see.

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