A L L    V I C T I M S    M U S T    B E    1 8 +

A  25 minute solo disorienting, psychologically abusive & torturous game of dress-up.  

From the second you enter Room 319, all of your God-given senses will be under attack.

​No talking.

Disturbing sights, sounds, and scents help you slip into insanity.

You will be strapped to a wheelchair.

You will be decorated with makeup, wigs, glitter, body paint, and blood.

No talking.

You will be told what to do- and you will obey.

Your traumatizing experience will be artistically photographed and filmed for your future enjoyment.

​One of your photographs will be featured in the art photo book "Room 319" to be released Halloween week.

No talking.

Only accepting the first 75 applicants.

​​Do not talk about Room 319

To be added to the guest list - send us a quick message​

​telling us why you'd like to be subjected to this most unique experience.